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While studying my masters they were very keen on the USP and it was perceived that the product itself had to have a USP but I don’t believe that.

When you make something and put everything of yourself into it it becomes part of you/you are part of it. So you are the USP, your best quirky, unorganised, winging it, talented, capable self will shine through and people will see it and love it. That’s my take on it and lots of people see it differently but you have to work with what is best for you.

love to make

This is something that is always in flux as I tend to get distracted easily 😬
But at the moment I really love making these little collages of hand painted little floral frames, cutting a little window into an unknown world and filling it with magical creatures 🥰

It is also a combination of different techniques as I am fascinated by all this digital drawing malarkey but it often takes me longer than actually colouring it with ‘real’ pens and paint 🤪 Anyway I keep persevering and maybe I’ll get the hang of it soon.

At the moment I’m enjoying the experimental nature of it all and it’s just a lot of fun!

Learning curve

I haven’t come to a point yet where I don’t feel like I’m constantly learning and instead of finding that unsettling maybe it would be better just to accept that as the normal process of living and working.

Whenever I have self doubts and start comparing myself to other, more ‘on it’ people then I have to remind myself that we are all just winging it and that’s ok (maybe not if you are the UK prime minister though 😬)

Either way, I think you never stop learning new things and I like it that way. So I’ll be going with the flow like these two jellyfish 😎

New projects?

I am a bit all over the place with the projects I am working on as everything feels so uncertain at the moment but chin up and carry on I guess.
But maybe it’s an opportunity to take things slow and do them properly instead of rushing (like I normally do 😬)

These moths are elements for a book cover design that is in the pipeline and I’m excited to see where they will take me ☺️🦋